Challenge #2 – The Elements

Can you save Doctor Aro?

Now that you and your accomplice, Ez have escaped, you have one more friend to free, known as “Doctor Aro” 🧑‍🔬 before you can proceed.

Doctor Aro had a near-death experience from her dabbling in the chemical arts. 💀 As a result, she is stuck at the gates of heaven waiting for a decision to be made.

Guarding the gates are the angel and the devil. “I can help you,” they both offer. Since you’re a badass thief, you’re not sure who to trust…

Suddenly in a chemical burst, a piece of paper appears in Doctor Aro’s handwriting pleading for your help:

“Sometimes, you have to reflect on the odd things in life. 17 6 35 9 68”

Who should you trust?
The angel 😇
The devil 😈?

You may need google/pen and paper.

The solution to this challenge can be found at Challenge #2 – The Elements – Solution.

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