Challenge #2 – The Elements – Solution

This is the solution to Challenge #2 – The Elements, make sure you check out the challenge before looking at the solution!

Trust the devil. Why?

The first clue given in the challenge is the note left behind by Doctor Aro.

The key piece of information on the note says that we have to reflect on the odd things in life.

Reflecting the position of the digits in the odd numbers we get:
71 6 53 9 68
(Reflecting the position of the digits for 9 leaves it the same)

But how do we decipher the numbers?

Dr Aro was ‘dabbling in the chemical arts’ and this challenge is called ‘The Elements’, written in a similar way to the elements in the periodic table.

Using the periodic table we get:

Lucifer i.e. the devil 😈

Were you able to save Doctor Aro?

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