About us

Hey! We’re Bia and Zoey, recreational mathematicians who enjoy exploring maths and communicating it to the general public.

We co-founded our platform “How 2 rob a bank” to create podcasts and informational Instagram posts to creatively deliver maths themed puzzles and uncover the maths behind things that people wouldn’t normally think about.

We create content on topics which lie on the intersections of maths, data, human behaviour, and philosophy.

Make sure to check out our Instagram where we post challenges, snippets of our podcasts and more!

Our story

Whilst studying maths at university, we noticed the reaction many people had to hear “the M-word”. From a simple “ew” to the seemingly valid “when would I use this in real life?”, we decided we wanted to change the perception that maths is irrelevant or unenjoyable.

This sparked the creation of our podcast, where we discuss thinking mathematically about the world around us. What has maths got to do with voting & elections? How common are dodgy statistics in the media?

Maths is literally everywhere, and we enjoy discussing it! To accompany the podcast, we also create informational posts and heist-themed challenges on our Instagram page @how2robabank. These puzzles have the feel of an escape room whilst integrating mathematical techniques.

Featured on

The Addictive Brain, New members Bia and Zoey, 13 July 2021

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Allison Loves Math Podcast, Helping Women Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Math and STEM with Bia and Zoey, 11 May 2021

openDemocracy, Abuse and deactivation: costs of celebrating women in science on Instagram?, 3 December 2020

Thank you to @jamimidraws for this incredible piece!