With a mission to change the initial reaction people give when we say “maths”, we’ve come up with some quick and fun challenges. Give our brain teasers below a go.

Challenge #13 – J. Bozo

We’re back with another challenge! This is in collaboration with Agent Venture who provide amazing online escape room experiences – make sure you check them out! The Challenge Agent Venture needs your top-notch bank robbery skills to help bring J. Bozo to justice for their numerous crimes. The incriminating files against J. Bozo are locked […]

Challenge #12 – The Blueprints

The Challenge Finally, you have your hands on the blueprints to the bank. You can see that on the blueprints there are only certain routes which you can take in order to avoid triggering the security alarms at 3:23AM (prime bank robbing time). You need to plan your route carefully to get to the vault […]

Challenge #11 – The Library

On your way to the library, you find 2 notes which will tell you when the last bank-heist was. Can you decode them?

Challenge #10 – Robots

The Challenge Difficulty: 5/5. Everything was going to plan, when you realise your friend is missing. You notice three robot guards, and you think she may be disguising herself as one of them. All robot guards are programmed exactly the same: Each day is a truth day (so they must tell the truth the whole […]

Challenge #9 – Poison

The Challenge Difficulty: 1/5 You arrive at the door to steal the bank blueprints, when you see Gary the guard. “Do you have a drink?” he asks. “Guarding blueprints makes me so thirsty,” He seems like a nice guy, but if you make him the perfect drink, perhaps you could put him to sleep for […]

Challenge #3 – The Devil’s Tail – Solution

This is the solution to Challenge #3 – The Devil’s Tail, make sure you check that post out before looking at the solution! This Challenge is a modification of a famous problem which confused many people – The Boy-Girl paradox. So, it turns out that “Heads” is the most probable at 67%. But why? The […]


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