How 2 rob a bank is a podcast discussing topics which lie on the intersections of maths/data, human behaviour, and philosophy hosted by Bia and Zoey. Listen on your favourite podcast platform including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

How 2 be a snake How 2 rob a bank

  1. How 2 be a snake
  2. How 2 create a dating app
  3. How 2 illustrate a scientist with Nina Chhita
  4. Q&A
  5. How 2 lie with Zombie Statistics

E08: How 2 be a snake

Imagine you and a stranger are paired together for a little game. Now there’s some money up for grabs and you’re both given 2 choices; Share or Snake. If you both share you both win £15 each.If one of you shares and one of you snakes, the snake will win £50 leaving the person who…

E07: How 2 create a dating app

How do dating apps work? And what are your thoughts on them? In this episode, Zoey shares how collaborative filtering works in dating apps such as Tinder, but also in Amazon. Bia shares how Hinge uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm (whilst butchering the pronunciation) to find your most compatible match. They discuss thoughts people shared via…

E06: How 2 illustrate a scientist with Nina Chhita

In light of International Women’s Day 2021, Zoey and Bia interview Nina Chhita, a medical writer based in Canada. Nina brings together art and science by illustrating trailblazers in science who happen to be women.  00:10 Introduction 02:09 Quick fire quiz 03:15 What does it mean to be a medical writer? 05:31 Did you always…

E05: Q&A

In this episode, Zoey and Bia answer questions submitted by listeners. These include what inspired them to make the podcast, Instagram page and blog, why a common person should learn maths, and how hard it is to get good at it. Timestamps: 00:36 What inspired you to make this page and podcast? 02:00 Who are…


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